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All the information on our site is available for one low subscription fee of just $780/month ($290/two week trial).

The subscription includes all the content on the and a daily email with highlights of the forward-looking analysis.

The results of AbleMarkets software help clients to ascertain the expected short-term movement of a given security, be it a U.S. stock, foreign currency pair, a selected commodity, or a futures or an option derivative written on any of the above securities.

Presently AbleMarkets offers continuously-updated results of the following computation algorithms:
• Expected response of equities to earnings announcements, ahead of earnings announcements (presently available for U.S. equities only)
• Expected response of individual stocks to macro-economic announcements (U.S. equities, foreign currencies, and selected commodities). Research has shown that stocks react at least as much to the macroeconomic news as to the micro news (i.e., earnings announcements). Macroeconomic responses allow equity strategists to correctly anticipate periods of high volatility and directional moves of selected equities.
• Seasonal exposures to market risk (U.S. equities, currencies and selected commodities)
• Web-wide intelligence re: popularity of securities (U.S. equities only). Research has shown that popular securities deliver lower subsequent returns. AbleMarkets proprietary algorithm scours the Internet and delivers actionable results.
• HFTSpotlight: how likely are the markets to allow HFT manipulation? This stand-alone software module helps answer trading concerns of whether the market conditions are fair with respect to pump-and-dump HFT at any given moment in time.

AbleMarkets data is accessible through a web browser interface in user-friendly HTML or machine-readable XML feed formats (email for more information).

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